Evans Farm Dispersal Auction

Evans Farm Dispersal Auction

Saturday, May 11th at 10am CT | 4590 Hwy M, Cabool, MO, 65689 | Outstanding Farm Dispersal Auction | Tractors | Plows | Equipment Supplies 

Outstanding Farm Dispersal Auction
Saturday, May 11th at 10am CT
4590 Hwy M, Cabool, MO, 65689

Join us In-Person for an Outstanding Farm Dispersal on Saturday, May 11th at 10:00am at 4590 Hwy M, Cabool, MO, 65689. This is an Outstanding lineup of Farm Tractors and Equipment featuring a Very Clean New Holland T4.120 Tractor Loader with 1,788 Hours. Lots of Farm & Household Related Items. 

Outstanding Farm Dispersal - Tractors - Plows - Equipment Supplies

Sale Date & Time:

Saturday, May 11 at 10:00am

4590 Hwy M, Cabool, Missouri, 65689

At Public Auction:
New Holland T4.120 with New Holland 655TL Loader - 1,788 Hours - MWFD - Cab (Very Clean)
Case International 5140 - 3,594 Hours (Great Condition)
Minneapolis Molin "R" - Serial#: 0014901163
Round Bale Trailer
2720 Brush Hog Batwing Mower - 20'
Ground Force HP970 MR42 Tree Saw - 42"+/- Skid Steer Attachment
10' Heavy Offset Disc
12' Heavy Offset Disc
7' Rock Bucket - Skid Steer Attachment
S&H Brute Grapple Rake 40865
10' Field Roller
New Holland 8' 6-Way Dozer Blade - Skid Steer Attachment
Hydraulic Bale Roller 3pt
3pt Drag Harrow
2pt Bale Spear with Spindle Hitch
Heavy Army Surplus Trailer
500 Gallon Tank Trailer
Scale Chute
More: Metal Lawn Furniture, Drill Press, Cutouff Saw, Bench Grinder, Torch with Bottles (Propane), Scrap Iron, Hydraulic Press, 18/20" Disc Blades, Bins of Nuts and Bolts, Drill Bits, Wrenches, C-Clamps, Floor Jack, Bale Spear, Shop Tools, Benches, Shovels, Rakes, Electric Fencing, 3' Magnet, Tubs, Seeders, 4 Wheeler Sprayer, 20 Gallon Sprayer, Perforated 4" Pipe, Barrells of Used Hydraulic Oil, Shop Full of Miscellaneous. Lots of Farm & Household Related Items Too Numerous To Mention!

Terms & Conditions:
This listing is subject to additions/deletions. 

For Inquiries:
Contact Gary Sexton at 417-255-7001 or Gary@GarySexton.com

Auctioneeers Note:
Very Clean Lineup of Farm Supplies & Equipment (Very Few Small Items) No Items Sold Prior to Auction. Be Sure to Mark Your Calendars To Join Us for this Outstanding 5/11/24 Farm Dispersal! Thanks for Attending!
Gordy and Sue Evans - Evans Farms - Reason for Auction: Due to Health Reasons


Terms and Conditions for Evans Outstanding Farm Dispersal Auction

Saturday, May 11th at 10am CT | 4590 Hwy M, Cabool, MO, 65689 | Outstanding Farm Dispersal Auction | Tractors | Plows | Equipment Supplies  

Estate Auction is only is being sold through Gary Sexton Auctioneers In-Person auction process. 

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    • The auction will start at approximately 10:00 AM on Saturday, May 11, 2023 at 4590 Hwy M, Cabool, MO, 65689
    • In the event of a last-minute bid or technical issues, the auction closing time may be extended to allow all bidders a fair opportunity to place their bids in-person.
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